The business case for building workforce diversity is firmly established and is based on benefits to organisational capability, innovation and productivity.

Nevertheless, how well equipped are most organisations to take advantage of opportunities gained by building diverse teams? In practice unconscious bias in various forms often gets in the way. Research continues to reveal that job seekers still face heavy unconscious bias in selection processes, despite the effort of employers to select employees from a wider pool.  

The challenge presented by unconscious bias is that it is a natural human trait. It affects all of us and we are often unaware of how unconscious bias affects our decisions. 

Our workshop programme is built on the premise that diverse groups of people working together achieve better results. So rather than offer online training or other distance learning options which are commonly available, we bring people together in person to address unconscious bias collectively and share thinking on strategies and solutions:

Key themes:

  • Awareness of unconscious bias.
  • The role of leadership in creating an inclusive organisation culture.
  • Selection practices - what does best look like?
  • Practical solutions.
  • Technology - how can it help?
  • Measuring and communicating outcomes.

The workshops are designed individually for organisations. In addition, throughout every year we will be offering open workshops for delegates from multiple organisations. 

Who should attend?  C-Level Directors, HR Leaders & Professionals; Functional Leaders; Line Managers; Change Leaders; Talent Acquisition Leaders & Specialists; Leadership & People Development Specialists.

To find out more please contact me, Jim Whelan, Founder and Director, ORO People Solutions. Office: +44 (0)1865 582070, e-mail: