Talent consulting, learning and technology services

ORO People Solutions provides talent consultancy services covering the whole resourcing cycle. Our clients benefit from significant advances in insight, hiring quality and capability of talent achieved through:

  • Design, implementation and delivery of innovative talent acquisition and pipeline development solutions.
  • Market strategy reviews, research and service development.
  • Provision of diversity consulting and workshop products focussed on awareness of unconscious bias.
  • Provision of expert advice on use of predictive software applications, artificial intelligence and cognitive profiling tools.

Our services are applicable to permanent and contingent resource needs, in-house recruitment services, recruitment process outsourcing services (RPO) / managed services programmes (MSP) and Statement of Work (SoW) consulting services.

Projects are delivered by our consultants who bring professional knowledge in HR, diversity, talent acquisition, resourcing technologies, organisational change, programme management and business process improvement with leading methodologies Six Sigma and Net Promoter Score. The results that follow for clients are more diverse and more capable work-forces, more innovation, heightened creativity and increased growth potential.


Diversity - tailored workshops addressing unconscious bias

The basis of our offering is that groups of people from diverse backgrounds and work situations bring different perspectives and collectively will be better able to produce new ideas and achieve more. Our workshops focus on recruitment, selection and people development. Rather than offer online training or other distance learning options which are commonly available, we bring people together in person to address unconscious bias collectively and share thinking on strategies and solutions covering the following main subjects:

Key themes:

  • Snapshots of research into unconscious bias.
  • The role of leadership in creating inclusive and objective recruitment.
  • Selection practices - what does best look like?
  • Practical solutions.
  • Technology - how can it help?
  • Measuring and communicating outcomes.

The service starts with training needs analysis and progresses through the design of content and delivery of workshops. The programmes are delivered face to face in interactive format to groups of delegates. The workshops are designed individually for organisations. In addition, throughout every year we offer open workshops for delegates from multiple organisations.  

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