Using advanced technologies, bespoke talent pipelines are created for every client's recruitment needs. Using algorithmic software - natural language processing and machine learning, we rapidly identify, rank and evaluate candidates and target prospects from multiple market channels and research sources. This is followed by person to person engagement with top ranked candidates and prospects.

Individual reports are automatically generated, for every person in the talent pipeline, highlighting skillls, experience and qualifications that are evident and missing. Performance predictors in personality and behaviour are identified for all shortlisted candidates and mapped to validated success factors in existing employees.

This enables truly informed engagement with target prospects and live candidates, aiding the rapid recruitment of sought after people ahead of clients' competitors.

Managed recruitment services

We provide proven expertise in the management of all or parts of clients' recruitment processes. This service is offered specifically to growing SME clients with potential recruitment needs of up to 300 additional FTE over periods of 1 to 5 years.

Providing insight, ensuring objectivity

With our support you can be confident in the objectivity of hiring decisions in your business from the first stages of recruitment planning through to on-boarding new employees. Our approach is to support hirers with factual insight, advice and leading-edge tech applications in all key stages of recruitment:

  • Market focussed people planning
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Customisable software deployment - AI and cognitive profiling
  • Pre-selection test runs
  • Bias awareness workshops.

Hirers can be confident that the candidates they meet will exceed their expectations. This is achieved without the need for any of our clients' people to read or preselect a single CV or online profile.

Our track record

ORO People Solutions has a successful track record in delivering research and data led recruitment solutions for clients in the Knowledge Economy:

  • HR and change management
  • Programme and project management
  • IT and digital business
  • Marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • Advanced engineering
  • Business development
  • Urban planning, regeneration and inward investment.